Mini Photo-studio/booth

The mini photo studio / photo booth

Most of my clients ask me to take some table shots of the guests that will be attending their wedding. The problem however, is that these photos are never a success. I usually get the “please not me” reaction or “not now – we are waiting for…” (who is usually sitting at the bar or outside smoking) Basically these shots are always a hassle and the guests don’t enjoy the experience.

I’ve been putting up a mini photo studio/booth at most of my weddings these days and my clients and their guests are loving it!

The idea is simple: I mount a camera on a tripod,point it at a nice clean background and attach a cable release (a long extension cord that allows you to trip the camera’s shutter button remotely). I then add studio lights, put a piece of tape on the ground telling your guests where to stand, and then give a quick lesson to a few people (“Stand here, push this button”). After that, things just sorta take off on their own…

At some weddings the photo booth was a fun activity that helped keep guests entertained between dances and speeches or even when you are having your private session. Guests can wander through and have a blast taking photos of themselves and their friends.

Sometimes my assistant or I will take the reins and shoot more formal portraits in the studio, though more often we just let guests do their own thing.

I have found the studio to be overwhelmingly popular, both during the wedding, and afterwards when my clients and guests have a large set of portraits that help them remember the day.

An additional benefit to the couple is that these photos are immediately available to their guests so that they do not have to sit with printing orders after the wedding day.

The min photo-studio/booth is additional to the standard packages, but it is 200% worth it!

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