Most likely you haven’t done this before, so its understandable that there would be a few questions, hopefully these will answer most of your questions.

If you would like more specifics or want see my availability, send me a mail or give me a call.

What is your style?

I suppose each photographer takes a different approach to their craft. Although there are many similarities to each wedding, each couple has there own personalities. I try to tell a unique story of the event as seen through my eyes.
In addition to capturing candid & spontaneous images, I try to reflect the personality of the couple & the emotions of the moment with a photojournalistic approach. Besides having a fine-art feel to it, my style is romantic, relaxed & natural with a hint of elegance.
My aim is create images that will last a lifetime & more.

What is your philosophy about shooting weddings?

Unless you are a lingerie model, you will most probably not be comfortable being the main attraction in front of a camera. My philosophy is to earn the trust of the bride & groom, so that they are confident in my skills & ability. As the big day draws near, the couple can relax & enjoy the day knowing their images are in good hands.

Do you travel for weddings?

Yes, I am available all over South Africa & the rest of the world to shoot your special day

Do you shoot digital or film?

Do people still ask this? 100% digital.

What equipment do you use? Do you have a back-up?

Canon with canon’s top L series lenses & yes I always take a back up camera with me.

Do you shoot with flash?

I use flash & auxiliary lighting to “paint” with light, and to reflect the mood or to enhance the moment. In short, I use it when the moment calls for it.

How long before the wedding should I book my photographer?

Usually 6 – 12 months is safe. The most popular months are September – March, so I would recommend at least 12 months in advance to avoid disappointment if you are getting married in these months. It is important that you have a final date & venue booked before you reserve your photographer.

How do I make a booking?

Complete the enquiry form on the contact page.
I will make contact with you confirming availability & package options.
Select an option that suits your requirements. Once you receive my confirmation e-mail & invoice, a 20% non-refundable retainer is due to secure your date.

Do you do more that one wedding on a day?

Unless the 1st wedding is at sunrise & the 2nd wedding at sunset, I never shoot more than one wedding per day.

Do you work with an assistant?

Yes, it is usually Eloise – my better half or someone I trust/know. Please ensure that you reserve 2 seats at the dinner/lunch.

Do you take formal family images, if requested?

Absolutely, some of your family will have traveled some distance to be with you, others may not be seen soon again. However, the process can become tedious & can keep the bride & groom from enjoying their special day.
Here is some great advice:

  • Create a list of photos you want (Estimate 2-3 minutes p/group photo)
  • Give the list to a friend / family member to manage on the day
  • The larger the groups, the better.

Also I prefer doing formal family photos at the reception. This leaves the couple uninterrupted time to do their private session after the ceremony.

How much time do you need for photos?

Here is a guideline of what a typical wedding-day would be like:

  1. Decor shots: 30 min(it’s best to do this before I come to you, because by the time I arrive at the reception all the guest will be there.
  2. Groom & best men: approx 45 min
  3. Bride before the ceremony: 2 hours
  4. Ceremony: 1 hour
  5. Couple photos: 1 hour (sometimes 1 & 1/2hrs if we have to travel)
  6. Reception: usually till 9pm when all the formalities are done
  7. Family & Group shots: 15 min – 30 min (Usually after the main meal)

Do you do table shots?

I find that the guests tend to shy away from these, so it is usually not the prettiest of pictures.
If you do want big group shots, I suggest you dedicate a special corner or space to those photos. Get a nice couch or something interesting and then we can turn it into a mini photo-booth/studio that you and your guests can enjoy. Be sure to check-out some samples from the photo-booth category.

Do you only shoot weddings?

No, my other interests are landscapes, wildlife & sport. I also do family, engagement, portraits, corporate and lifestyle shoots.

Do you also do videography?

Not at this stage. If you need a videographer please contact me for some guidance.

Can family & guests take photos?

I don’t mind them taking pictures during the service or at the reception. I do however prefer that we are alone on our individual & family sessions. The bridal couple can get easily distracted if there are to many people looking to get a shot & it wastes precious time that you have set out for us to work with.

How does your packages work?

Packages start with 140 images. You’ll receive a balanced mixture of black and white, vintage and colour images.
For more detail on prices, please complete the contact info page.

Are there any hidden costs?

No, once you decide on an option, that’s it! If you decide you want to buy additional products after the wedding, it is entirely at your discretion.

We’ve booked you as our photographer … what happens next?

First of all … thanks! You will now receive a booking form with details of your photo session. At this stage you will be asked to pay a retainer & we’re good to go!
Wedding clients will meet with me a couple of weeks before the wedding to go through the final timings & details. If you are on Facebook, now is a great time to add me as a friend or become a fan.

You shot us! Now what?

I firstly blog a selection of images from every shoot. These are then added to Facebook & you are tagged.
Once the rest of the images have been processed (usually 3-4 weeks after the event) you will be invited for coffee for a private viewing & final hand over of your images.
I don’t churn them out, but spend time on your photos, treating each image as a piece of art. Trust me it’s worth the wait.

F a c e b o o k