I am Francois van Zyl, a qualified fine-artist living my passion for creativity trough photography

If I have to think back to where & when it all began, I think a lot of my inspiration came from when I was still very young.

My dad did wedding photos & functions part-time & I used to play around with his 35mm film SLR, exploring and learning the hard way by wasting lots of money on films. My mom on the other hand was a primary school teacher, teaching art. Art was in my blood & since high school I knew I wanted to create for a living.

After school, I initially started studying graphic design. I found it too constraining for I had an urge to be free and express myself, so I swapped to fine-art, majoring in printing with sculpture & photography as minors.I suppose my fine-art qualification forms the foundation for my photography.

I am definitely not a photographer, but rather an artist with the camera as my paintbrush.

I can get lost looking for the perfect shot / image and love the fact that I can highlight the beautiful details & moments in other people’s life. Maybe this is the reason why I focus mainly on weddings, wildlife & landscape photography.

I am supported by my lovely wife Eloise, who shares my passion. We have the amazing opportunity to meet the most wonderful people and get to take part in some of the most exciting, emotional and breathtaking moments of their lives

I hope you enjoy my images as much as I enjoy creating them.

F a c e b o o k