Yearly Archives: 2009

Morne & Chantelle Weldhagen

The last wedding for the year and we were in for a treat: a beautiful bride, beautiful bridesmaids, beautiful setting, beautiful horse, beautiful weather & the list go on. The reception party was a feast and everyone joined in. What a way to finish the year.

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Jaco & Ronel Pienaar

You get camera-shy people, & then you get Ronel & Jaco. They were so not looking forward to the photo session that they did not even want to discuss it prior to the special day. Once we got started it was different story. They enjoyed it so much and as they say the rest were...

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Ernich & Nastassja Hurter

This was going to be the first wedding without my wife, and I must say I was not looking forward to it. She is my trusted right hand that keeps me on my toes, reminds me of what is still to be done, how much time is left & is responsible for the “safety” shots....

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Johann & Carike Stegmann

Carike wanted to take some pics with the cheetahs at the cheetah project – this was going to be special. I love wildlife and have previously taken some shots of the cheetahs for a magazine, but a bride with the cheetahs; this was a first. I have seen it so many times were the bride...

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Paul & Adelle Victor

I was looking forward to some special shots at Olivia game farm, but after lunch it was clear that the weather was not going to play along. Shortly after the service it started to drizzle, but luckily the thunderstorms missed us. This created nice soft light and dramatic skies to work with. The day actually...

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